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ILN Radio is a weekly radio show broadcasting live on Wednesdays from 6:30-8:00pm. You can listen live by downloading the TuneIn App on your smartphone and searching WSJU or [...]


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  • Shake Shack Apocalypse
    Remember watching those zombie apocalypse movies and thinking “what if this really happened one day”. Well we’re here to tell you that it is! And it’s [...]

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We have a radio show! And the very first broadcast is today at 6:30pm! Hosted by @dyltee, make sure you tune in for a great show! Download the TuneIn app or go to tunein.com & search WSJU to listen live. #collegeradio #ILN [NEWS]: @Shakeshack is taking over the world! ... Okay, maybe not literally. But kinda seems like it lately. Read up on the Shake Shack Apocalypse online under news! www.ilnetwork.us #foodporn #shakeshack #apocalypse Le Bordeaux 🍷 • #creatography #vscocam #nyc You can't fake fashion! Visit the fashion exhibit at the Museum at FIT in New York // #free #fashion #lifestyle #nyc For a great southern twist to your New York vibe, visit Sweet Chick in Manhattan or Brooklyn for amazing taste! #vscocam #foodporn #nyc ILN Cam on the runway of Couture Fashion Week NY // #mbfw #nyfw #cfwnyc ILN Cam on the runway of Couture Fashion Week NY // #mbfw #nyfw #cfwnyc ILN Cam on the runway of Couture Fashion Week NY // #mbfw #nyfw #cfwnyc

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